How to take CBD Oil: 10 Best Ways to Get CBD Oil Dosage
best way to consume cbd

CBD for Beginners: 10 of the Best Ways to Get Your Daily Dose

There are now 33 states, plus D.C., where medical cannabis is legal. 10 of them (along with D.C.) have legalized recreational marijuana. Michigan is the latest addition to the states where you can use it for recreation.

Canada also joined the throng recently, having legalized both medical and recreational cannabis.

It’s about time, seeing as we can no longer doubt the plant’s medicinal properties. Besides, not all marijuana products are psychoactive. This is especially true for cannabidiol (CBD), the compound that heals without the high.

But what exactly is the best way to consume CBD? What ailments and disorders can it help treat?

We’ll address all these questions in this post, so keep your eyes glued to the page to learn more!

1. Swallowing CBD Oil Straight

Swallowing pure CBD oil or tincture is the straight up, no-fuss way of consuming it.

You can take the concentrated oil as is, either with a dropper or a tablespoon. That’s about as easy as it gets. But, depending on the health problem you want to address, the dosage varies.

For instance, one study has found that oral ingestion of 2.5 to 20 mg of CBD can help with chronic pain. For epilepsy, another study showed that patients tolerated up to a dosing range of 200 to 300 mg. For sleep problems, you may want to take between 40 and 160 mg of cannabidiol.

In any case, direct ingestion of pure CBD oil means it passes to your digestive system much more easily. From there, it goes to the liver, which then metabolizes it. This is how the non-psychoactive elements (and their nutrients) get into your bloodstream.

For newcomers to the world of cannabidiol, this is the easiest ingestion method. That’s why it’s also one of the preferred ways for administering CBD products to kids.

You read that right. CBD products are now used for treating and managing certain pediatric conditions. These include seizure disorders, like epilepsy, and skin diseases, such as eczema. Cannabidiol may also help children with pain, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia.

You’ll also find CBD oil in capsule and candy form. Be on the lookout for CBD gummies.

2. The Sublingual Way

In layman’s terms, “sublingual” means “under the tongue”.  Experts say this is the best and quickest way to get CBD’s symptom-relieving effects. Do this through a dropper so you won’t spill some of your precious oil, tincture, or concentrate.

You only have to keep the oil under the tongue for a minute or so before you swallow it. This gives the mucous membranes in your mouth enough time to absorb the compounds. From there, they’ll go straight to the bloodstream and bypass your stomach and liver.

Because they reach the bloodstream faster, you may feel the effects within minutes. These effects can last hours too.

3. Through a Vaporizer

If you’re one of the 11 million folks in the U.S. who use e-cigarettes, you’ll be happy to know that you can use CBD vape oil! That’s another reason to cut back on tobacco. As such, consider swapping your nicotine-containing e-juice with a CBD version.

This method is only for the adults though. But it’s one of, if not the most efficient way to deliver CBD into your system.

For one, because vaporizing doesn’t involve the liver anymore. Once inhaled, the cannabidiol quickly gets diffused into your bloodstream. This is also the preferred delivery system for hemp products, such as hemp oil.

4. Infuse It With Your Favorite Cooking Oil

Infusing quality CBD oil with other edible oils lets you enjoy cannabidiol in a variety of ways. It’s a great way to incorporate more CBD into your diet.

Plus, when it comes to CBD oil edibles, your imagination is the only limit. You can use it as your permanent replacement for any food that needs oil. You might not want to use it for deep-frying though, as that can be pretty expensive.

Many people go for olive oil since it’s present in almost all recipes, not to mention very easy to find. Also, you can make your own CBD olive oil at home by adding pure CBD oil with olive oil.

Another great thing about using olive oil as the carrier oil is that it has its own health benefits. For starters, it’s rich in omega fatty acids, found to relieve chronic inflammation. That can further enhance CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

The same group of healthy fatty acids in olive oil may also help ease the symptoms of depression. Now, keep in mind that studies, like this one, found CBD can combat symptoms of depression. So, combining the two may produce even better results.

Of course, you can opt for other carrier oils, like those from avocado, almond, and coconut extracts. These have their own healthy properties and benefits too, so the choice is up to you. You can even try them all to find which one best suits your palate.

5. Add Some to Your Cup of Joe

Americans love their coffee, with 64% of surveyed individuals drinking a cup of it every day. What’s more, the average person spends as much as $1,100 on it every year!

Whether you drink one or several cups of joe every day, you can make each cup better with CBD. A few drops of CBD tinctures or oil can make it healthier.

What a great way to start your mornings, don’t you agree?

6. Make Your Own CBD Butter to Cook or Bake With

If you can infuse CBD oil with other carrier oils, who says you can’t do the same with butter? It may not have the same psychoactive effects as cannabutter (which has THC in it). But it’s still a great (and delicious!) way to consume CBD and enjoy its health benefits.

The fat in unsalted, dairy-based butter serves as the CBD carrier. In this sense, it’s the fat responsible for delivering cannabidiol into your bloodstream.

Note that this method of CBD consumption takes longer to take effect though. After all, it needs to pass through your digestive system and liver. But so long as you’re not in a rush to feel its effects, CBD oil infused butter is a tasty method you should try.

You can use it the same way as you use regular butter, like a spread for your toast. You can use it to make a roux or as a substitute for butter in baked recipes. Anything that calls for traditional butter, you can replace with the CBD version.

7. Mix It With Your Dishes and Meals

You can use CBD oil on almost any dish, be it a simple salad or a more complex main dish. Be a gourmet by using CBD oil-infused cooking oil or butter! Best of all, you get to enjoy reduced symptoms of your health condition, the mouthwatering way.

8. Drop Some in Your Smoothies

Give your fresh fruit or vegetable smoothies a twist using CBD oil or tinctures. A few drops to your refreshing beverages are enough to get CBD into your system.

9. Treat Yourself to Some CBD Milk

Speaking of smoothies, why not use CBD oil-infused milk instead of regular milk? That’ll make an already-healthy drink even much healthier! You can also drink a glass of warm milk at night, you know, to help you sleep even better.

10. Through Direct Topical Application

This may not be actual consumption, but it’s one of the best ways to use CBD. Many studies on cannabidiol’s medicinal and therapeutic effects used CBD topicals.

For instance, one study involved applying topical CBD gel on arthritic rats. Within four days, the researchers noted a considerable decrease in pain and swelling.

Another study done on rats with osteoarthritis also used local topical CBD. The researchers found that this method of delivery lessened the subject’s pain.

The Best Way to Consume CBD Depends on the Effects You’re After

The best way to consume CBD varies from person to person. It also depends on the results one expects from its use.

If you want quick relief from pain, then the sublingual method may be the best option. If you want something more exciting, then using it in your meals and drinks may be better. If you want relief from arthritis or osteoarthritis, topical application may work best.

The bottom line is, it’s all up to you, your preferences, and your health needs. Trying out all ten ways we’ve mentioned above is a good way to figure things out!

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