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The CBD Hype

By rawadmin November 10, 2018

CBD oil: What’s the hype?

By now you’ve probably heard about CBD oil, and if not, you may have noticed shops popping up around your neighbourhood with signs advertising it.

CBD oil has a long history, and the plant it’s derived from has an even longer one. So, what’s the hype? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

A Complicated Past

In 1940, chemist Roger Adams first extracted the cannabinoid (CBD) compound from industrial hemp. However, he didn’t realize what he had done so the discovery was largely ignored.

A few years later, Adams and the scientists he worked with realized what he had done and sought to replicate it and discover what it could do.

The first tests on lab animals were in 1946 when Dr Walter S. Loewe discovered that CBD doesn’t cause an altered mental state. Neither of these men is typically credited with the discovery, though.

That distinction goes to Dr Raphael Mechoulam, who identified the three-dimensional structure of CBD. He made another major breakthrough in 1980 when he found in a study that CBD oil could be used to treat epilepsy.

It was British Pharmacopoeia who first released CBD oil as a therapeutic product. And though it has some amazing benefits, CBD oil has a negative stigma that has kept it from performing its duties for decades.

Because CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, people often think it’s similar to smoking marijuana. So for years, this misconception has hindered the opportunity for people to experience CBD oil benefits.

The stigma is now beginning to disappear thanks to the continued studies that have indicated the advantages of CBD, advocates who realize its potential, and lobbyists who work diligently on the state and federal level to change the ill-defined laws that have prevented its safe use.

Today, the CBD industry is exploding. It is on pace to become a billion-dollar market in the U.S. as states give way for the legal use hemp oil products and fix their definitions of what is legal and illegal from the cannabis plant.

A Bright Future

Despite its stigmatized past, CBD oil is going strong as a botanical solution to many debilitating illnesses. In the last two years, companies are popping up everywhere that sell a myriad of CBD oil products.

These products include oil, lotions and drink additives. This new industry niche is projected to become a billion-dollar industry as revenues and popularity rise.

With so many possibilities for uses, new studies are beginning to prove and reaffirm the safety of CBD oil and its effectiveness as a medicinal product.

The FDA also recently approved an oral solution, called Epidiolex, the first prescription drug comprised of CBD, to treat epilepsy. This was the same condition that Dr Mechoulam figured out CBD could treat 30 years prior!

More studies are being done to prove CBD oil benefits such as reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and helping with anxiety and depression. There is a large list of suspected benefits with hemp oil.

And as research continues proving the benefits of the oil, proponents will continue fighting hard for its approval and regulation, which will help companies keep consistency and quality at the forefront of production.

So, what’s the hype about CBD oil? Well, there are a ton of advantages:

  • Easing Chrohn’s disease and other intestinal issues
  • Alleviating chronic and joint pain
  • Improving joint function diminished from arthritis
  • Lowering rates of anxiety and depression
  • Reducing risk of cardiac diseases
  • Assisting with quitting addictive substances
  • Providing a safe form of relaxation
  • Protecting from and ending seizures related to epilepsy

With its many benefits, it’s no wonder Forbes projects the CBD oil industry growing by 700% by 2020. That kind of growth signals one thing, success of the product. People won’t use what isn’t working, and they won’t keep buying it.

Because CBD doesn’t get you high, it’s also more socially acceptable. It lacks the THC chemical that creates a psychoactive response in people.

This means you can use the powerful hemp plant for its intended medicinal purposes without the risk of altering your brain’s ability to function.

It’s a great alternative for people who use marijuana for pain and other ailments but don’t want to get “high”.

Another population that has found success in using CBD oil is the pet population. There are many new products for pets, especially dogs, that are safe alternatives to traditional medicine for epilepsy.

Just like in humans, animals can benefit from the all-natural curative properties of hemp oil.

Though it has taken a long time for CBD to become socially acceptable, and for people to begin to understand its safe use, it’s now being accepted worldwide.

Studies show little side effects and prove time and again that the non-THC cannabinoid is a wonderful botanical extract that has unmatched benefits in the natural world.

Around the country, and the world, CBD oil is bringing people the relief they need for a variety of health issues. They are regaining health independence through an affordable, safe, and long-lasting solution derived from a plant used for over 10,000 years! If you want to learn even more about CBD, read our guide!

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