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Have Pain in Your Joints? 10 Reasons Why You Should be Taking CBD for Arthritis

By rawadmin December 1, 2018

Are you feeling pain in your joints when you move around?

If so, you may be experiencing one type of arthritis. There are many forms of arthritis, but the most common ones are osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. All these types lead to swelling in your joints, causing extreme pain in some cases.

So, what can you take to ease your pain? You should consider taking CBD for rheumatoid arthritis and the like. 29% of its users even say it provides the best medical relief among their medications.

We understand if you’re having reservations about using CBD for joint pain. However, we have a list of 10 reasons why you should be taking CBD.

1. CBD is Safe to Use

Many of the concerns when it comes to using CBD oil is whether it’s safe to use or not. People believe that using cannabidiol causes many ill desired effects. Most beliefs range from small problems like a loss in strength to serious ones like seizures.

The truth is cannabidiol is 100% safe. Research on the substance proves that it doesn’t cause anything like catalepsy and it doesn’t compromise any motor functions. If you fear it may cause physiological problems, then there is no need for you to worry.

CBD oil shows no impact in any of the basic physiological parameters for their users. Their heart rate, blood pressure, and their body temperature remained the same throughout their medication. So, there is no reason you will feel unsafe while using CBD oil for rheumatoid arthritis and the sort.

That said, the basis of these results come from those under controlled conditions. Many factors like the condition you’re treating and your age, sex, and weight may influence the effect of CBD oil. Other prescription medication you’re using may also influence its effects, so you should talk with your doctor about it first.

There is still no reason to panic though, the worst recorded side effect you may experience is nausea. Also, doctors will know if the medication you’re under will have a negative reaction with CBD. They will not prescribe you any CBD if that’s the situation you are in.

2. Despite Many Claims, CBD Isn’t Addictive

Contrary to popular belief, cannabidiol is not an addictive substance. This myth stems from the origins of cannabidiol, the cannabis plant. Since people considered it an illegal and addictive plant before, they also think the same of CBD oil.

Many patients who use CBD oil for medical purposes show no signs of addiction. They don’t show signs of craving for their next dose, or even any signs of withdrawal that tends to come with addiction.

Even in large doses, there are no signs that CBD oil has any psychological effects on them. In fact, they don’t show any similar traits to cannabis users. CBD and cannabis have different effects despite coming from the same plant.

The only addictive chemical from the plant is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Without it, you won’t experience the psychedelic high associated with cannabis.

CBD oil users don’t experience any change in appetite. Their amount of food they intake remains the same through their treatment. Also, they don’t experience any of the psychoactive effects cannabis has.

This is because of the way they extract CBD from the plant. They perform many distillations and solubilizations to remove the psychoactive effects cannabis has. The resulting solution, cannabidiol, comes out as a different concoction altogether.

3. CBD is an Organic Substance

For those who are conscious about taking chemicals into their body, CBD oil perfect for you. Because it comes from the part of a single plant, cannabidiol is 100% organic. This means there is little chance that you’ll introduce chemicals to your body when using CBD oil.

This also means that you will be treating your joint pain using natural methods. This is important because of the body’s natural reaction to chemical substances, i.e. medical substances. Repeated introduction of an artificial substance to an organic body leads to resistances increasing against it.

It means that, after a while of continuous use, the substance becomes less effective. This is because the body adapts to resist the effects of the artificial substance. This can result to complete immunity of an organic body to the substance.

Organic substances don’t encounter this problem. Because it’s natural and there are no immediate harmful effects, the body knows it’s a safe substance. This allows continuous use of a substance without building resistances against it.

4. There are Many Ways to Take CBD

You can take CBD oil in any way you’re comfortable with. The flexibility of the substance allows you to introduce it to your body in creative ways as well.

Capsules and tablets are available across many pharmaceutical outlets. People consider these as the default way of taking in CBD. Most people prefer to take this form of CBD because it’s the most familiar one.

It also comes in a powdered form, which people can mix into water. You can take CBD this way if you’re not comfortable with swallowing capsules and tablets.

You can also take it in the form of vapour or smoke. Since vaping has become a popular trend, many CBD manufacturers took it to appeal to its audience. In states where it’s legal, many people turn to vaping CBD to take in their medication.

If you’re not the smoking kind, you can also go for a topical approach. There are many lotions, oils, and CBD cream for arthritis pain available today. All you need to do is apply it to the area where you feel pain.

You can also get creative cook with CBD. There are many CBD recipes you can try available online. You can even fashion your CBD medication as gummies.

5. You Can Feel the Effects of CBD in No Time

The problem with having arthritis is that it can hurt at any moment. This leads you to take in medication as soon as you feel the pain. However, this often leads to you waiting for the effects to kill the pain.

Most people experience intense pain with arthritis. So, eliminating the wait time upon taking CBD is important. Depending on how you take in CBD, it can be a fast-acting pain reliever.

It takes at least around 15 minutes for the pain-relieving effects of CBD to take place. Most pain relievers often take around 30 minutes to do so. So, you’re cutting your waiting time in half.

6. There Will Always Be Supplies in Stock

If you decide to continue to use CBD, you can be sure there will always be supplies for you if you run out. Many companies like Plus CBD Oil, TetraLabs, and Charlotte’s Web hemp company are all big contributors to the production of CBD.

These use the seeds of the cannabis plant to make their product. Meanwhile, there are also other companies who use the plant itself to produce CBD. Care By Design, Bloom Farms, and Kiva Confections are 3 of the top CBD producers in this area.

On top of that, many dispensaries are available to sell their products. So, you can be sure you’ll always have CBD oil for yourself at the ready.

7. Hemp is an Effective Alternative

In the event that you run out of CBD and there are no more cannabis-derived ones available on the local dispensary, then you can turn to hemp oil. People extract hemp oil from the seeds of the cannabis plant.

Hemp and CBD oil are different from each other but they share similar properties. Hemp oil can also ease your joint pain as a topical solution. This gives you more reason to turn to CBD, as you have a backup in case supplies run out.

8. You Can’t Get in Trouble With the Law

You cannot get in legal trouble by using CBD oils. Besides being legal in most states, it also has a different chemical composition compared to THC, which makes drugs the reason some drugs have psychoactive properties.

It’s also not in the list of controlled substances. This gives you more legal protection if you’re using CBD for medical purposes.

9. New Technologies Are Under Development

There are many problems associated with taking CBD for medication. It isn’t that soluble in water, and it has low bioavailability. This means it will take a while to circulate through your body.

Some companies, such as Ananda Scientific, took it to themselves to change that. Through their research, they’ve come up with new technologies to answer CBD’s problems.

For example, they’ve come up with a way to stop CBD from converting to THC when it’s consumed. They also innovated a way to increase the production of CBD.

They’re also responsible for the nextCBD technology. A technological way to enhance the bioavailability of CBD. This amplifies the CBD effectiveness in entering the bloodstream, leading to quicker results.

10. It Benefits Your Health in More Ways

Aside from helping with your joint pain, CBD also has a positive impact on other health conditions. For instance, it can deal with other chronic pain you’re experiencing. It also helps with other psychological problems such as anxiety.

It’s also known to help people sleep. CBD oil often leads people to experience drowsiness. This makes it an effective alternative to sleeping pills.

As you can see, CBD helps solve most problems. It does this while being cheaper than most prescription meds around.

Get CBD for Rheumatoid Arthritis Today

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