7 Hemp Oil Uses You Didn't Know About
hemp oil uses

What is Hemp Oil Good For? 7 Hemp Oil Uses You Didn’t Know About

By now, you’ve probably heard of hemp oil. But you might not know all of the many uses of hemp oil. 

Going back many years, hemp is an alternative to prescription medicines. It’s more recently gaining popularity as a legitimate alternative to medicine.

The U.S. hemp-based products industry boomed to $820 million in sales 2017. With the rise of the industry, it’s worth learning more about hemp oil’s medicinal benefits.

Here are seven hemp oil uses you probably weren’t expecting. 

1. Hemp Oil Can Improve Your Skin

Hemp oil comes from the seed of cannabis sativa–or what we know as industrial hemp. Although it comes from cannabis, hemp oil has almost no THC.

THC is the component of marijuana that leads to getting high. You can use hemp oil without the fear of taking a drug that’s still illegal in many U.S. states. 

Without the risk of getting high, hemp oil is wonderful for your skin. Used as a moisturizer, hemp oil moisturizes your skin but won’t clog your pores.

Hemp oil is also known to clear up your complexion. The antioxidants found in hemp oil can also reduce the effects of aging. 

Hemp oil can help you look like you’re turning back time when used topically. 

2. Hemp Oil Can Reduce Inflammation

Taken orally, hemp oil can reduce inflammation throughout your body. 

Hemp oil is high in omega-3 and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. It has healing properties to help accelerate skin growth and reduce inflammation. 

Take hemp oil by directly ingesting the oil. You can find it in a variety of flavors to your preferred taste.

However, if the oil doesn’t sound tempting, hemp oil edibles also contain the same inflammatory properties. Try gummies or other candies to get your daily dose of hemp oil. 

3. Hemp Oil Can Ease Pain

This feature of hemp oil is a great solution for anyone who can’t tolerate pain medication.

Use it to help relieve temporary or short-term pain including menstrual pain.  

Many chronic pain sufferers also report that hemp oil reduces their pain with consistent use. If you deal with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, or pain from chemotherapy, consider using hemp oil to ease the pain from these conditions. 

Hemp oil is not addictive. This trait makes hemp oil a good alternative for anyone who needs to treat pain while avoiding addictive medications.

Hemp oil is safe to take for extended periods of time. Where pain medications should be a short-term solution, there’s no need to deal with ongoing pain at the end of your prescription. 

Apply hemp oil topically to painful areas. Or take hemp oil orally to help ease pain from within your body.

4. Hemp Oil Can Help You Sleep

Because hemp oil helps reduce anxiety and depression, it can help you sleep better. 

Those hemp oil Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation also help ease feelings of anxiety. Hemp oil is a natural mood booster that fights feelings of depression. 

When your body is in a better emotional state, hemp oil helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. But unlike prescription sleep aids, you won’t feel sluggish or out-of-it the next morning. 

Hemp oil is a safe sleep aid and mood enhancer. Take it before bed for a calmer, more restful night of sleep. 

5. Hemp Oil Can Boost Your Immune System

Once again, the fatty acids found in hemp oil prove to be a benefit to your health. 

Fatty acids help build strong, healthy immune systems. Because hemp oil contains many good fatty acids, adding hemp oil as a supplement supports your good immune system. 

Hemp oil also contains antioxidants. Antioxidants help combat free radicals that contribute to immune and heart issues. 

Antioxidants also promote good blood flow throughout the body and to your brain. Healthy blood flow helps your body get rid of toxins. 

Use hemp oil as a natural support to your immune system.

6. Hemp Oil Can Improve Your Hair

Yes, you read that right. Hemp oil can help you grow healthier, shinier hair. 

Used topically, hemp oil products can moisturize your scalp and add moisture to your hair. 

When taken orally, the proteins found in hemp oil help you grow stronger, healthier hair. 

Hemp oil won’t take the place of protein in your diet. You still need to make protein a balanced part of your daily diet. 

But the additional proteins in hemp oil can boost hair growth and add strength and shine to your hair over time.

With hemp oil, you might also notice stronger nails. Hemp oil proteins help grow stronger nails and hair. 

7. Hemp Oil Helps Replace Micronutrients

The average person’s daily diet falls short of including all of the nutrients and micronutrients necessary for a balanced diet. 

Micronutrients are vital for immune function, energy production, blood clotting, and other important functions. However, the human body can’t produce micronutrients.

Your daily diet must include the micronutrients your body needs for these functions. What you aren’t able to get through your food intake can come from supplements.

Hemp oil is one of the best supplements to add much-needed micronutrients to your body. 

Hemp oil contains oleic acids and linoleic acid. These acids help the body fight aging. 

Hemp oil is also high in potassium, vitamin E, protein, calcium, copper, iron, zinc magnesium, and phosphorus.

These kinds of vitamins and minerals help improve immune function, cell growth,  and brain development. Your body also needs certain micronutrients to help fight disease.

In addition to a balanced diet, use hemp oil to help your body get the essential micronutrients it needs for the best health. 

Many Hemp Oil Uses Support Your Health

Many hemp oil uses help support your health. Whether taken orally or used topically, hemp oil has many benefits to support your physical and emotional health. 

Raw Nature Labs has a passion to bring the many benefits of hemp oil to you. Shop our website to find pure full spectrum hemp oil as a supplement for a variety of health issues and better living. 

Who Are We?

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