Why Everyone is Talking About Organic Hemp Oil
organic hemp oil

Why Everyone is Talking About Organic Hemp Oil

Organic hemp oil and CBD products are projected to hit $22 billion in market value by 2020.

This isn’t a fad or a trend. Hemp oil supplements and medicines are changing people’s lives.

If you’re unsure as to what hemp oil is, don’t worry, because you’re not alone.

This revolutionary organic compound isn’t another strain of marijuana. Hemp is THC-free, very nutrient-dense, and shelf-stable for a medicine. In this guide, we’ll cover what hemp is, how it’s used, and if it can help you.

What Is Organic Hemp Oil?

While hemp and marijuana both come from the same plant, cannabis, they aren’t the same. Hemp plants are cannabis plants bred for specific properties. They’re taller, more stalky, and lack THC properties, unlike marijuana.

In the U.S. hemp has to contain less than .3% trace amounts of THC to be legal. If you tried to smoke hemp, you’d be setting a fibrous weed on fire and regretting it. Hemp is great at just about everything else, though.

Hemp gets made into rope, paper, clothing, dietary supplements, oils, and tinctures. Organic hemp oils contain a concentrated amount of CBD, also known as cannabinoids. Hemp is an important and industrious plant, getting new attention after the veil of cannabis prohibition has lifted.

The need for hemp products has increased over recent years, but it has a long, rich history.

Historic Hemp Use

The processing of hemp into goods has existed for tens of thousands of years. Ancient China, Rome, and all the way into World Wars, hemp has been a crucial building block. The reason why this may sound like news to you is due to a lack of hemp education.

Hemp’s useful textile, fuel, building material, and health properties have been known for centuries. Not only that, but the plant itself is extremely robust and easy to grow. It has one of the fastest growth cycles and largest yields per gallon of water.

Hemp can be grown in a variety of climates, and it’s drought-resistant. This is partly why hemp crops can be found all over the world. The oil derived from hemp can be traced back to ancient uses and religious practices.

Differences in Hemp Oil

Now that we have a basic understanding of the hemp plant’s history, let’s look at processing. The biggest trend in the health and medicine community is hemp oil. There are actually two kinds: hemp seed oil and hemp plant oil. 

The oil from hemp seeds is purely nutritional and contains no CBD. This is a very important distinction. Organic hemp oil that’s used for medicinal purposes doesn’t come from the seeds at all.

Processing Hemp Oil

When it comes to hemp oil produced from the plant itself, it’s a specialized process. The oil isn’t simply extracted by means of crushing and placing the plant through a mechanical press. Natural hemp oils get extracted via pressurized CO2 chambers.

This is the only way to retain the properties of the essential oils, nutrients, and CBD compounds. The pressure and temperature used will vary based on which properties are being targetted.

High pressure and temperature are for essential oils and vitamins. Low pressure and temperatures slowly extract those CBDs with terpenes and other micronutrients.

Organic CBD Oil

As we mentioned earlier, organic hemp oil contains cannabinoids. This chemical compound interacts with receptors in the body. Humans have an endocannabinoid system, which interacts naturally with CBD. 

Scientists have yet to learn all the benefits of these chemical reactions. The most common reactions are the reduction of pain, regulating appetite, mood, and enhancement of memory. Cannabinoids help restore imbalances in the mind and body.

Taking natural hemp oil supplements regularly can also boost the body’s immune system. Those who suffer from serious ailments and diseases have been discovering the power of hemp oil. It can restore normalcy to those living in pain and mental anguish.

An Opportunity for More

Hemp oils are being introduced everywhere, which is why the industry has exploded. Even those who are completely healthy take hemp oil as a preventative measure. It contains numerous essential acids, vitamins, and other compounds.

People can also use hemp oil without fear of nasty or dangerous side-effects. This is not only an alternative to modern medicine, but it’s also a replacement. You can take it alongside prescriptions without triggering bad interactions.

Some people are unable to take any other medicine to treat their pain. Hemp is the only safe medication that works. This is especially true for young children, who can’t take dangerous opioids or chemo drugs, for example.

A Safer Plan of Action

Long-term pain management also presents a problem in the form of tolerance. CBD medicine doesn’t share this weakness with modern medicine. The build-up of tolerance doesn’t happen on the same scale.

The body can and will naturally build a tolerance for anything, but it depends on what and how you medicate. Hemp oil is concentrated, but it stays effective far longer than opioids.

CBDs aren’t masking pain. They’re managing it through the body’s natural response.

Learn More About Your Options 

Hopefully, our brief guide on organic hemp oil has inspired you. Even if you don’t fully understand things like hemp and cannabinoids, you can move past the stigma. Conflating marijuana and hemp is wrong and does a disservice to those who are in need.

You or someone you love may be going through a tough time with pain management. Painkillers not only lose effectiveness, but they also create more problems with addiction. If you are interested in turning a page and exploring more about hemp oils, contact us today.

At Raw Nature Labs, we pride ourselves on education and treatment. We can help you or someone you love to take back control of their life.

Who Are We?

We are the difference between chronic pain and free mobility. We are the difference between expensive medications and affordable treatment. We are the RAW difference, and our goal is to give you hope for a new vision of how health is managed. Unity through powerful botanical cures is our mission. RAW NatureLabs is passionate about providing you the best Hemp Extract for mind, body, and soul.



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